Friday, September 13, 2013

I Saw Something On Pinterest That Peaked My Interest.......Distressed Jeans With Lace Leggings Underneath.......A Black Crop Top With Lace Underneath.....I Liked That Look, So I Did My Own Version Of It.....I Had Some Distressed Jeans Already, So I Pulled The Thread Apart To Make A Bigger Hole......I Had Some Lace Leggings That I've Never Worn.....Who Doesn't Have A Black Crop Top?! also, I Had A Long-Sleeve Fitted Top...I Put Everything Together & I Added A Pair Of Black Booties To Complete My Look....This Is What I Came Up With.....I Hade To Roll My Jeans Up.....That's My Thing......I Also Put On Some Black Calvin Klein Socks With Holes In Them & Scrunched Them Up, To Spice My Look Up.....My Final Thing Was A Studded Belt.....I Like The Final Look.....

  The last pic is what peaked my interest on Pinterest. I didn't do the same exact thing. I didn't want the rip to be that big, but that was my inspiration. I love Pinterest! You can find some great DIY's on there. Check it out, if you haven't. I can't wait to wear this look.

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